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Friday, June 16, 2006

Mexico 0 - 0 Angola (second half)

At this point, I'm at the 11th minute of the second half and the Mexicans have just gone through a spell where they really whould have scored. However, the Angolans put together some excellent defending and saved themselves about three or four times over.

The first half ended nil-nil which looked a lot better on the Angolans than it did on the Mexicans. It seems to me that the early goal Angola gave up against Portugal might have been their "we're at the World Cup!" moment and now they're much more settled. They've actually given Mexico a couple of scares and the game could still go either way. If the Angolans tie this game, then they still have a chance mathematically. If they somehow manage to win, then they're right back in the race. Personally I'm hoping that the Angolans can get some kind of result, because it would be great to have a group where the question of who qualifies for the second round were decided by the last game.

Of course, Portugal could qualify tomorrow with a win against Iran, a result that I think most people are expecting. Actually, if that happens and Angola gets a result here, then the final match day would be really interesting. If Angola wins, then they'd be tied with Mexico at three points. Then both Mexico and Angola would be looking for a win in their last games and with as many goals as possible. Of course, if Angola ties here, then they have to hope that Mexico loses against Portugal, because even a tie for them would put them out of reach. However, Angola would still be looking to defeat Iran by as many goals as possible, because if Mexico were to lose, then goal difference would decide who goes to the second round. That would add some much needed drama, since Group C is pretty much settled.


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