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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ecuador 1 - 0 Costa Rica (halftime)

The first half has definitely favored the Ecuadorians and not only in the scoreline. They have had much better use of their possession and they have been consistently threatening whenever they approach the Ticos' box. Costa Rica, on the other hand, has been unable to trouble the Ecuadorian defense too much. The exception was a gift-wrapped opportunity that Sequeira headed wide, from a perfectly placed cross from Gonzalez, from the left corner of the penalty box to the right corner of the six-yard box. At the other end, Delgado misplayed an absolute sitter, sending Mendez' cross wide from six yards out.

If the current results hold out, then Group A is all settled except for the exact positions of first and second. As it stands, Germany is first on goals scored. Costa Rica will have to bring something really special if they don't want to be watching the second round from home.


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