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Thursday, June 15, 2006

England 0 - 0 Trinidad and Tobago

England are lucky and unlucky. They're lucky because they could well be down a couple goals. They're unlucky because they could well be up a couple goals. That said, the current result is definitely a case of T&T taking a point and England giving up two.

If T&T is interested in something more than the 0-0, then they'll have to find something more to offer in attack. England on the other hand are needing a better finishing touch. They have been sending the ball towards the T&T goal constantly, but each time they're off target. It got especially bad towards the end of the half when in the space of two minutes both Lampard and Crouch managed to fluff gold-plated scoring opportunities. Crouch in particular was shocking, since he was all alone less than 10 yards in front of goal.

At this point, the second half could go either way, but I think England might have what it takes to get the result against T&T. It doesn't feel like they have a convincing win in them, but we'll see.


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