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Friday, June 16, 2006

Argentina 6 - 0 Serbia & Montenegro (fulltime)

Maradona has plenty of reasons to be psyched. This dominant performance leaves no doubt who should be the favorite in this Cup. Since it's likely that Serbia & Montenegro the country will be splitting into it's component parts, and that this team is almost exclusively Serb (there are two Montenegrans, I think), this is likely their second last game ever. Unfortunately for them, there's not much of an upside here. The Argentines were just on a totally different level. As far as World Cup blowouts go, this is much bigger than the 8-0 drubbing that the Germans gave the Saudis in 2002. Serbia & Montenegro has first team players from all the top leagues in Europe, and yet the Argentines were able to roll over them with ease.

The three second half goals came from Crespo, Tevez, and Messi. Tevez was particularly impressive, with his goal and the pass that allowed Messi to score his goal. Argentina are frightening and all teams in this Cup should be paying attention. They are really looking like they'll take this thing.

As for the Group of Death, Argentina look immortal. With six points and an incredible +7 (!) goal difference, they look unassailable as group leaders. I don't think the Netherlands has a similar performance in them, and I don't see them beating this Argentina.


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