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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tomorrow's games

I'm going to try to blog tomorrow's games as live as possible, meaning a post at halftime and at fulltime as they happen. Doing it after the fact, it's hard to keep the result a secret and therefore it's hard to give fresh, unbiased commentary.

Tommorrow's games should be a great. They are all contests between teams that need to win to keep their hopes alive and teams that could book a second round spot with a victory. That suggests lots of attacking and wide-open, end to end play.

The first game, between Argentina and Serbia & Montenegro, looks like it could go to Argentina, but the Serbian team has a lot of talent and a lot of motivation after their loss to the Netherlands. They didn't have much success trying to take the game to the Dutch, but after giving up the goal they got sturdier in defense and kept them from adding to the tally. Argentina was solid against the Ivory Coast, and another performance like that should see them past the Serbs.

Netherlands and Ivory Coast is a more even match and the Ivorians might just have what it takes to surprise the Dutch. A lot will depend on how they are able to cope with Robben and the rest of the Netherland's arsenal. If they're able to keep the Dutch off the scoreboard, they could grab a winner.

Mexico and Angola looks to be the most lopsided affair, but the Angolans were surprisingly stout against the Portuguese, keeping them to the one goal after it looked like Figo and company would bury them in goals. They'll need all that and more against a Mexican team that has made "si se puede" more than just a slogan. Mexico is in high gear and will want to emphatically declare their place in the second round.

Anyway, I'm going to try to get up early to see all the games live. Wish me luck.


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