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Friday, June 16, 2006

Argentina 3 - 0 Serbia (halftime)

Argentina are just too much for the Serbs and Montenegrans. With two goals from Maxi Rodriquez and a goal from Estaban Cambiasso, they are most of the way towards a second round spot. The Argentines are simply playing a better brand of football, and even the best efforts of the Serbs have been dealt with without much trouble.

One concerning this is the fact that the referee doesn't seem to believe that the Serbs can be fouled. He is waving off apparent fouls on them at a much higher rate than those against the Argentines. Of course, this may or may not be bias, since it could just be that the apparent fouls on the Serbs are all dives, but it definitely is a pattern.

The Argentines are simply playing their game to perfection. They're being classically "South American" with their combination of precise short passing and well-coordinated runs. Played as well as this, it's a style of play that is fun to watch and deadly effective. If they didn't know it before, the rest of the Cup is now on notice: watch out for Argentina.


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