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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Groups A, B, and D settled

As expected, Germany takes the top spot in Group A. Less expected was Ecuador's performance, which as impressive despite their 3-0 loss to Germany in the final game. This is the cleanest World Cup group so far with the Germans beating everybody, Ecuador beating everybody but Germany, the Poles beating just Costa Rica and the poor Ticos as the punching bags of the group. No ties, and no thoughts of tiebreakers or anything like that.

Ecuador's reward for making it to the next round is a match against England, who secured top spot in their group with a 2-2 tie with Sweden. The tie was enough for both teams to make it to the next round on points, leaving Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago behind. The England Ecuador match will be interesting, because England is not playing particularly well and Ecuador has shown they can be quite dangerous. That match is pretty close to a 50/50, and with the injury to Michael Owen, it could be an unpleasant surprise for the English. As for the Swedes, their match against the Germans sees them facing off against a German team that is growing in confidence and in good form. The Swedes will have to perform even more brilliantly than they were able to in the second half of the game against England.

This morning, Group D was settled. Portugal was able to hold on to a 2-1 advantage and progressed as group leaders with all nine points. Despite their loss, Mexico was able to progress because Angola was only able to manage a 1-1 tie with Iran, leaving those team at two and one points respectively. Mexico will face the second from Group C, which at this exact moment is the Netherlands. The Dutch are facing off against Argentina and in the 5th minute of the match we're still nil-nil. If this result holds, then it's the Argentines first on goal difference, facing Mexico in the next round, with the Dutch facing Portugal.

Well, time to put my attention where it belongs: the match.


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